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The Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology for Primary Education

The Project Supporting Czech Republic Entrance of the European Union

Let us introduce ourselves: Our class

The aim of the project: To gather materials for Internet presentation of individual classes.

Particular aims: Extension of general knowledge of pupils, support of language education, support of computer literacy, opening possibilities for further contacts among schools and classes.

Project participants: The project is intended mainly for lower-primary school pupils (primary education) in the 3rd to 5th classes (age of 9 to 11 years). Project can be entered by any class that processes and sends required materials. Schools both from the Czech Republic and abroad are welcome to take part in the project. The information will be passed through the mediation of Internet in the form of pictures and short texts in the mother tongue, English and German languages.

The fact that mainly children take part in material preparation is considered very important. Texts should be brief and simple. If there are any difficulties in translation into German and/or English, we can take care of that.

Here is the reference for requirements of information necessary for project entrance (pictures, texts) and contact address:

Time table:

February – June 2000 – gaining materials from several schools, verification of project possibilities;

Since September 2000 – realisation of the project in the larger scale.

Basic class information required (it is 12 items altogether)

  1. PHOTO: Photograph of the school (cca 9x13 cm);
  2. TEXT: School address, e-mail address and /or URL
  3. PHOTO: A common photograph of the pupils of the class (cca 9x13 cm);
  4. TEXT: Class mark/sign, the class teacher name, number of boys and girls in the class;
  5. A DRAWING (A4): a children´s drawing – the view of the classroom arrangement (the ground plan of the classroom);
  6. TEXT: A brief outline of what we do and what we like best of all (2 to 3 items);
  7. A DRAWING (A4): a children´s drawing – an interesting thing from the class, what the children consider interesting and important for the others to know;
  8. TEXT: description of this drawing – interesting points;
  9. A DRAWING (A4): a schematic drawing of our republic (boarders, neighbouring states …), mark the placement of our town/village;
  10. TEXT: briefly about our town/village (2 to 3 sentences)
  11. PHOTO or a picture of an interesting place/item from our school – town/village;
  12. TEXT: the description of the interesting place/item from our school – town/village (2 to 3 sentences)

We can scan the pictures and photographs but we can also send them electronically if the school or its fans have corresponding equipment.

Contact address:

Vladimír Václavík, Vysoká škola pedagogická – ÚPPPV, V. Nejedlého 573,
CZ - 500 03 Hradec Králové

E-mail: vladimir.vaclavik@vsp.cz

Information about the project can be found at: